One thing that always annoyed me about iPlayer is that the shows don’t have a “home page” as such: a page dedicated to that show which lists all its available episodes under a constant URL you can bookmark. Well, since the redesign they actually have TWO alternatives you can bookmark!

Direct to Latest Episode:

  1.  find the series you’re interested in on the A-Z Programme List
  2. right-click > copy the link address
  3. this should give you something like:
    • that’s the one for Doctor Who, by the way
  4. bookmark the page you’re on, edit the bookmark to point to the address you copied!

List of Available Episodes:

  1. follow the same steps as above
  2. before saving the changes to your bookmark, replace “brand” with “episodes”
    • make sure not to accidentally delete the “/” on either side of the word
  3. now save the bookmark!


The latter really is just a list of available episodes, it’s not a “hub” for the series. There’s no information besides the title and the list of episodes, so it’s not quite what I was hoping for but it’s a good start!