That one line is pretty much the entire show.

They actually made a show about how having twintails can give you super powers.

The main character is a guy who you could quite literally bribe into doing anything for pictures of cute girls with twintails, and would definitely become a slave to pretty much anyone who would let him play with their twintails.

He saves girls with twintails from having their love of twintails, or “twintail attribute,” stolen by an alien race who seem to want to use it as some kind of power source for something. How does he save them? This is a picture of him.

He transforms into a young girl with massive twintails wearing armour powered by his love for twintails.

How did he get this ability? Some woman who can’t get a single sentence out without throwing in some massive innuendo distracted him with her massive tits and talk about how all twintails would disappear from the Earth, then slapped a wristband on him that lets him transform. She’s either from the future or is an alien herself. I didn’t watch far enough to find out.

If you’ve read this far, you shouldn’t need me to tell you it’s from Japan.