Science vs. Scientists

This quote, this point of view, is incredibly important. It communicates a very powerful message, but one so easy to misunderstand and misrepresent. So let me break it down for you: it says scientists not science.

Science is never in the wrong. Knowledge is never bad – neither in pursuit nor in acquisition. The less we know, the less we understand, the more likely we are to make mistakes. I can honestly think of no branches of science with solely negative practical applications.

Where Christianity says to hate the sin rather than the sinner, with science the burden of responsibility is reversed. It’s all down to how we chose to implement it.

Practical Examples

  • Viruses: deadly if engineered as biological weapons, but without researching them we stand a considerably smaller chance at countering them if used against us. Research into viruses is also vital for medical efforts against natural strains that afflict the population.
  • Cloning: this technology could be used to grow perfect replacement organs for a terminal patient, or it could be used to impersonate world leaders and cause chaos.
  • Nuclear: simple. Almost every adult living in a 1st-world society should know where I’m going with this. In case you don’t, it’s between powering your nation and powering bombs for destroying other nations.