Two things to cover quickly in this one.

Firstly, I made a darker theme for Dev Tools. By “made” I mean I cobbled together a bunch of stuff other people already did, and used someone else’s instructions to port it to the format Chrome requires it to be in. Hurray for me!

Check the repo for a screenshot – or look at the image at the bottom of this post – and if you’re happy with that theme you can grab it from the Chrome Web Store to get updates and stuff automatically. If you want to tweak or replace the colours you’ll need to either clone the repo or grab the latest ZIP from the bin directory and follow the install instructions in the README file, but you won’t get updates automatically and it won’t automatically install to all the Chrome devices you’re signed into.


Secondly, a colleague recently stumbled across a video which revealed a cool trick I have never heard of before and can’t find anything about on Google.

Basically, if you put a special comment at the bottom of a </script> tag or even at the end of a snippet in the Console, that block of JS will appear as a file in the Sources panel. Seriously. Then you can use all the normal JS debugging wizardry you know and love, like breakpoints and stuff.