3DS Advance

3DS Advance, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game and faceplates, Majora’s Mask 3D

After a tense morning of watching Roger (my DPD delivery driver) not move or progress from his first delivery on the tracking page map, this gloriousness arrived a little after half 2 yesterday afternoon. It came with a free charger, too, as a pre-order bonus seeing as the consoles don’t come with one any more. Needless to say I was excited to get playing but, alas, I was at work and so decided to settle for letting the data transfer do its thing, ready for some serious Monster Hunting after work.

My old 3DS has a 16GB SD card and the 3DS Advance (“new Nintendo 3DS” is a stupid name and I will never call it that except for explaining “3DS Advance” to idiots) comes with a 4GB microSD card. Turns out I had more than 4GB of data on my old 3DS, which I honestly wasn’t expecting, so it’s a good job I had an 8GB microSD lying around spare. At least, it should have been a good job I had it. The 3DS Advance’s card slot is under the removable bottom faceplate, but unlike the top faceplate the bottom one is screwed on. We didn’t have a screwdriver small enough in the office. Despair.

Thankfully, the Phillips screwdriver I treat like some divine artefact due to its mysterious ability to fit every screw I have ever been hampered by when tinkering with both desktop and laptop computers also fits the 3DS Advance’s bottom faceplate screws. Thus I was able to swap the microSD and attempt the system transfer. More fun awaited me. It took 2 hours to begin the transfer, because one or both consoles kept encountering errors during the steps where they connect to the Internet.

But, finally, I eventually managed to shift my Nintendo account, eShop history, downloads, and save data over to my 3DS Advance and confirm that the SD and internal storage of my old 3DS were wiped clean. After making sure stuff like the eShop, my friends list, and download titles were working and all my settings had carried over properly, I set about downloading game updates from the eShop for MH4U and a couple of my other titles. Then it was time for bed.

Today, however, I will most definitely Hunt all of the Monsters.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day.