Well, fuck. Looks like I haven’t posted on here for longer than I thought. Sorry about that.

Anywho, time for a rant! Yay!


So instead of loading the subsequent posts and sticking them onto the page, Facebook​ seem to think it’s a better idea to completely reload the page if you’re away from the News Feed for more than a few minutes.

So if you just left the page to read a news article and then come back expecting to be able to continue scrolling down as you had been – fuck you.

If you went to get a shower after a quick flick down and then return to continue scrolling down as you had been – FUCK YOU!!

Put your laptop to sleep as you run out to the shop before it closes for the night to get milk for your cereal in the morning and then come back to watch that video you’d found a few hours’ of posts ago- FUCK YOU PROPER GOOD!!

Fuckerberg you absolute cunt sort your asshole employees out!!