Inequality and Stuff


I’m expecting this to be a controversial post that a lot of people will knee-jerk deny and be “triggered” by, but it’s the conclusion I’ve come to after taking in everything I’ve seen, read, heard, and researched in regards to the topics of equality and discrimination.

Obviously, these are just my opinions. They in no way reflect the views of or are endorsed by any organisations I am affiliated with.

Now, if you’re going to give this post a chance and think properly about what I say in it then I welcome you, but if you’re just going to focus on the negative light this post can undoubtedly be cast under and brand me Hitler’s reincarnation or something then turn the fuck around and stay silent because you’re exactly the kind of person I feel we don’t need in the world.

On to the meat and gravy…

Basically, when are people going to realise that things like inequality and discrimination aren’t always preventable or avoidable – and that that is perfectly okay?

Some people are born more intelligent than others. Some people are born with a knack for physical activities like sports or manual labour. Some are born to rich and powerful families. Some are born with physical and/or mental disabilities. Some are born in third-world countries, or nations devastated by war. By making everything “accessible” to everyone so as not to offend Tumblrites or break anti-discrimination and equality laws, the people who that thing is for would actually be undermined as it has to be controlled for those who shouldn’t really be involved – such as this blind kid playing American football.

Sure, he can play, and I applaud the effort he’s putting in and the acceptance shown by his peers and the coach, but by playing on a team of “normal” kids is he honestly not holding them back? If he were replaced by a kid who is identical in every way – drive, strength, stamina, mental capacity, etc – but had sight, would that kid not perform better in the sport? Britain has an organisation dedicated to helping the visually impaired get involved in sports, I’m sure America has these and I’m sure there are similar organisations for other disabilities as well.

And, as demonstrated by the following article, a lot of old religions, especially the more conservative/orthodox sects, discriminate against women – so how should we balance freedom of religion with gender equality?

I won’t get into my usual favourite topic of religious interpretations and whatnot, because that’s not what this post is about. What this post is about is balancing the views and needs of one demographic against the views and needs of another – and religion is a perfect example for many such comparisons.

I’d also rather not get started on the Tumblr-sponsored, militaristic, anti-male brand of feminism going around right now so I’ll just leave this video of Based Mom here for you to watch or not watch at your discretion.

Add to this how so damn over-sensitive people are these days and it’s all just a recipe for disaster. So many are offended by everything, and feel they have the right to oppress anyone who causes them even the slightest offence. A breeding ground for this type of hypocritically-entitled and dubiously-privileged attention-whores is Tumblr, though I must point out that I do not believe all of Tumblr to be like this.


I’m not trying to say I know the perfect balance in all situations, or that those with disabilities or religions should be shunned. On the contrary, I think such people should be able to live their lives as easily and pleasantly as possible. I just don’t see how equality can ever truly be achieved, nor do I see why it’s okay to, for instance, inconvenience “able” people for the sake of disabled people but not the other way round like with that blind football kid – can you imagine the outrage that would have resulted had the coach denied his application to join the team?

Another way to put it might be something like this: is it not racist that black people can call each other “nigger” in a friendly way, but even if it is clearly said without lack of ill-intent by a white person there is outrage? We’re so anti-racist and “politically correct” that we often don’t notice that we might just be racist in the opposite direction. And that goes for all equality and discrimination issues as mentioned above.