homeopathy is shit

Seriously. Massive jackass. The cunt doesn’t deserve oxygen, let alone any sort of actual power over the lives and medical treatment of others.

tl;dr of Tredinnick’s views:
I want you fine NHS employees to “determine what works for what conditions and provide those treatments for patients” without any proof of what any given treatment actually does. You mustn’t forget that “we live in a real-world where real world patient experience and outcomes must play a part” except for when those no-evidence alternative treatments don’t work, or do work but also cause other injuries/illnesses – I think we can all agree such “experiences and outcomes” are outliers and can be discarded from statistics.

Did I mention that this guy claims astrology has a place in healthcare? That’s while on the science and technology select committee. Now he’s going for chair of the health select committee.

We’re doomed if he gets in.


For those interested, the incredible Professor Brian Cox responded to Tredinnick’s belief in astrology-based healthcare:




image source: http://thesecondsight.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/on-application-of-homeopathy-in_19.html