E3, Anita, & Rise

So somehow the hypocritical, donation-bait, lying, backstabbing feminazi Anita Sarkeesian got herself invited to E3, possibly the biggest gaming convention in the world, despite being a poisonous, destructive, hateful bundle of double-standards and self-imposed privilege in the world of gaming. While there, she took a fence at her name badge, and that’s funny because not only is the attached promotional image entirely appropriate to the game it’s advertising, but the character’s back-story in the series is actually something that should resonate with Sarkeesian’s agenda – assuming said agenda is legitimate, and she has even the slightest ounce of integrity and credibility. And I’m not going to bother talking about how she completely ignores the sexualisation and stereotyping of male game characters simply because they’re normally the “main” character while females are the “supporting” characters.

(that link at the beginning of the first paragraph is actually 5 links – one per insult – while the second lot of insults is in fact a single link, and also don’t forget I sometimes add extra info to the hover-text of links (sorry mobile users))

You see the game is Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a side-game of the famous and awesome Persona series featuring the characters in an energetic musical setting, and the character is the highschool idol Rise. The name badge, as in the image, features Rise in her dancing attire, closely modelled around the Japanese culture of idols – something that is huge in the game’s country of origin. In the main Persona 4 game you’ll find yourself delving into the backgrounds and inner turmoil of all the main cast as you help them overcome their greatest insecurities, in order to add them and their powers to your team and progress further into the story.

So, what’s the deal with Rise?

Well, as previously mentioned, she’s a highschool idol. This basically means that whilst being a highschool student she is also a popular singer. Look it up, there’s some great idol groups like Momoiro Clover Z and BABYMETAL. However, she took an unannounced break from her idol work to return to her rural home town – where the game is set – due to increasing stress caused by the disparity of the variety of ways she must present herself and be perceived thanks to her career. She’s effectively scared that she has no “real self” and is only an object used by companies, including her label, to move her fans as they wish, and it’s down to you as the player to stop this turmoil from ripping her apart.

Like I said, something that should resonate with Sarkeesian’s supposed agenda of feminism, equality, empowerment, and all that jazz. So I’m glad that Rise had the guts and sense of humour to play Sarkeesian at her own game:


Now you could very well argue that Sarkeesian doesn’t necessarily know all games intimately and thus made a genuine mistake in attacking the use of Rise on the name badges. Or you could still agree with her, and argue that the image used is too sexualised especially when considering Rise’s age. But, really, either point is worthless.

  • that is not a sexual pose – she looks like she’s dancing, in a game about dancing
  • that is not sexual clothing – sure it’s a tad revealing, but again, dancing
  • the character is an idol, in an idol-themed game
  • this is a Japanese game made according to Japanese laws, Anita is American

The only people who think it is in any way sexual are the people with an agenda against sexualised females in games. If you have an issue with that image, you generally just have a mental issue that you should really get looked at. Unless your issue is that they didn’t use Yukiko, in which case you deserve cookies for having good taste as Yukiko is clearly the best girl in Persona 4.

If you’ve gotten this far then you’re probably level-headed enough to accept me saying that I am not, in anyway, against equality. However, this militant breed of activists really grind my gears. They’re annoyingly vocal, depressingly powerful, and getting very close to ruining everything for everyone while feigning equality over the reality of being attention-whores, idiots, and bigots of the worst kind.


Note on possible slander: as in the disclaimer for my entire blog, the things I post are simply my opinion. This time I have provided copious citations to back up the words I have chosen to use, so if I’m guilty of slander so are those that I linked to – as well as many, many other people and organisations publicly denouncing Sarkeesian and others like her. I’d also like to point out how Sarkeesian makes her living by slandering games – and thus their creators, publishers, sponsors, and players.



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Rise Strikes Back