Hello again! I have no good reason for having not posted for so long. I made this blog for the times when I find something interesting to the point I not only want to share it, but feel I have a fair amount to say in regards to it as well and thus simply sharing on Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough. Basically what happened was that after my last post I didn’t come across anything particularly eye-catching for a while and eventually it slipped my mind that I even have a blog to post on! 

But now I have remembered, and I have found not one but TWO things to write about!

I shall write the posts and have them scheduled to go out a few days apart, to give me chance to find more stuff to write about and develop some sort of backlog of posts. Hopefully this will give me some breathing room if I’m ever struggling for topics again. Hopefully.

In other news I have now started writing an amateur fiction. Only a handful of chapters so far, plus some ideas for other fictions to write. If I manage to keep up with my current one, or one of the others takes off, I may just start posting them on here as well which will help to keep posts coming.


That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for the two incoming posts, especially if you’re a bit into programming! 

Or don’t, see if I care.