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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special Demo

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Special Demo Version

I recently found out that you can get a guaranteed download code for the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special Demo within 48 hours if you pre-order either game on Amazon so, obviously, I immediately pre-ordered Alpha Sapphire on Amazon.

Why Labour’s attack on government science policy is misplaced | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

Nixie Tubes


I want to make a thing except it needs to be a thing that could reasonably require nixie tubes because I basically just want to use nixie tubes.

The Future is Coming!

By creating a "self-trapping regime" scientists have made light behave like a crystal

So an article published by I Fucking Love Science last week claims that a group of researchers have managed to quantumly entangle photons to atoms, enabling them to give photons the properties of liquids and solids. This was only on a very small scale and the “atom” that they used was actually an artificially induced composite atom – apparently they tricked a group of 100 billion atoms into behaving like a single atom – but shows that the concept of “solid light” is at least possible. This is awesome. Almost unbelievably awesome. Think holograms – controlling atoms into certain shapes is much easier than controlling light in its usual form. Think…

Kotaku’s The Five Anime of Summer 2014 You Should Be Watching

As usual, Kotaku East have posted about what they perceive to be the best of this season’s anime. Have to say, it’s a tough job to pick just 5 shows this season, there are several really good ones this time around. I think I’d have picked just about the same as Richard, except I’d have put Akame ga Kill in place of Tokyo Ghoul and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun in place of SAO II. Tokyo Ghoul vs. Akame ga Kill: I’ve been keeping up to date on the manga for Tokyo Ghoul, but not for Akame ga Kill, which is probably the cause of this difference of opinion. You see, at…

I’ve finally got WordPress

128GB USB 2.0 Memory Stick for <£27!

Get a Grixx 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for only £26.49 with free delivery! That’s a steal!

And no, this isn’t an affiliate link or anything so I’m not sharing this to make money myself, just because I think it’s damn cheap!

Haythem – Corners

Awesome tune, as expected of Haythem! I love how he can make it seem like there are 2 or 3 guitars and almost a set of drums being played at the same time when in reality it’s just him on an acoustic. The electronic sounds really compliment the guitar, too. Genius. Looking forward to more!

I also like how his tshirt and shoes match the carpet.

Persona 4: The Golden Animation

Woah woah woah what is this shit?! MAL says “The story retells the events of the original…” But Daisuki says “The gang is back after 3 years… What lies in store for Yu Narukami and his friends this time around?” So which is correct?! IS IT A REMAKE OR A SEQUEL?! TELL ME!!!! I mean, I’m gonna watch regardless, because it’s awesome. It’d just be nice to know. Anyway, here’s Chie.


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