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I Write Fiction

…or at least I am trying to. I have idea documents and/or prologues for several ideas hidden away in my Google Drive that, no, I will not let you see unless I decide to properly write them. One of these, though, I have started writing and will be posting on here. You can find the synopsis and chapter list here: Why They Sleep The first one will be out tomorrow, and after that I’ll be aiming to post once per week. Don’t get your hopes up, I am not at all confident in my ability to consistently complete one chapter per week, but I will be trying my best and…

Hack Your JavaScript Code in Chrome!

Two things to cover quickly in this one. Firstly, I made a darker theme for Dev Tools. By “made” I mean I cobbled together a bunch of stuff other people already did, and used someone else’s instructions to port it to the format Chrome requires it to be in. Hurray for me! Check the repo for a screenshot – or look at the image at the bottom of this post – and if you’re happy with that theme you can grab it from the Chrome Web Store to get updates and stuff automatically. If you want to tweak or replace the colours you’ll need to either clone the repo or grab…

PHP_DDNS – my latest project

While I generally like having no set topic for this blog due to the freedom it gives me over what and when to write, it also means there’s pretty much no chance of regularity to my posts. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything on here for a while and it’s not because I’m incredibly busy – I just haven’t felt the urge to write about anything recently. Well, that changes today. The other day I came across a project called Remonit which is aiming to be the go-to tool for geek-types wanting to have real-time, web-accessible stats on pretty much anything on their devices – from netbooks to…

Bash actually makes zero sense but I just can’t hate it

WARNING: if you know nothing about – and/or aren’t interested in – Linux shell, Git, or programming this will probably be a very boring and nonsensical read for you.

Developments Of My Developments

I’ve got a few things to cover in this post, all relating to developing web thingies, that I’ve come to realise in the past few weeks. 1. Codeivate I recently discovered a service called Codeivate which basically has a bunch of plugins for popular editors/IDEs which track your activity and report the details back to their system. This lets you see the types of files you work on and how long you spend typing at once,  which can give you some pretty great insights into your focus levels and typical workflow. It also awards you EXP against each file type which level up, and contributes to your overall level – so you feel an…

Nixie Tubes


I want to make a thing except it needs to be a thing that could reasonably require nixie tubes because I basically just want to use nixie tubes.

My Mission for Next Week Involves Time Machines

All You Need Is Kill

“For Madokami so loved the world that She gave us Her Only Self, that whoever believes in Her shall not despair but have everlasting Hope.” –Homu 3:16


A simple JS tool to compliment responsive sites through delaying the loading of images until you specifically ask for them. The idea behind this is that on smaller devices certain containers will be hidden, so why should the images inside them load? Sure you don’t have the overhead of drawing them, but you still have the overhead of requesting and downloading them. DelayedImage comes in 3 flavours: jQuery – organised as a jQuery plugin, requires jQuery (maybe) Vanilla – doesn’t check if you have jQuery, just runs in vanilla JS Master – both jQuery and Vanilla modes, defaults to jQuery if detected As usual with my work, this project is…