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David Tredinnick is a Jackass

homeopathy is shit

Seriously. Massive jackass. The cunt doesn’t deserve oxygen, let alone any sort of actual power over the lives and medical treatment of others. tl;dr of Tredinnick’s views: I want you fine NHS employees to “determine what works for what conditions and provide those treatments for patients” without any proof of what any given treatment actually does. You mustn’t forget that “we live in a real-world where real world patient experience and outcomes must play a part” except for when those no-evidence alternative treatments don’t work, or do work but also cause other injuries/illnesses – I think we can all agree such “experiences and outcomes” are outliers and can be discarded from…

The Evil of Science

Science vs. Scientists

Where Christianity says to hate the sin rather than the sinner, with science the burden of responsibility is reversed. It’s all down to how we chose to implement it.

Why Labour’s attack on government science policy is misplaced | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

Nixie Tubes


I want to make a thing except it needs to be a thing that could reasonably require nixie tubes because I basically just want to use nixie tubes.

4 Characters Too Long

“You have a computer with giga-bytes (1 billion bytes) of disk space and mega-bytes (1 million bytes) of memory — well, maybe it’s the future and you have giga-bytes of memory and tera-bytes (1 trillion bytes) of disk space.”

My Mission for Next Week Involves Time Machines

All You Need Is Kill

“For Madokami so loved the world that She gave us Her Only Self, that whoever believes in Her shall not despair but have everlasting Hope.” –Homu 3:16

The Future is Coming!

By creating a "self-trapping regime" scientists have made light behave like a crystal

So an article published by I Fucking Love Science last week claims that a group of researchers have managed to quantumly entangle photons to atoms, enabling them to give photons the properties of liquids and solids. This was only on a very small scale and the “atom” that they used was actually an artificially induced composite atom – apparently they tricked a group of 100 billion atoms into behaving like a single atom – but shows that the concept of “solid light” is at least possible. This is awesome. Almost unbelievably awesome. Think holograms – controlling atoms into certain shapes is much easier than controlling light in its usual form. Think…