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An Open Letter from Apple on Encryption & Government Overreach

Apple deserve lots of cookies for this. Not only refusing an FBI order to purposefully undermine iOS encryption and actively seek to help hackers, they have revealed it to the public and given a call-to-arms even the least tech-savvy among us should understand. To read it just keep scrolling as I have decided to host a copy, which I am happy to remove if Apple want me to, or you can go read it directly on the Apple website, or check it out on the Wayback Machine.   A Message to Our Customers The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of…

Anita Sarkeesian Somehow Attends E3, Attacks The Wrong Character

E3, Anita, & Rise

So somehow the hypocritical, donation-bait, lying, backstabbing feminazi Anita Sarkeesian got herself invited to E3, possibly the biggest gaming convention in the world, despite being a poisonous, destructive, hateful bundle of double-standards and self-imposed privilege in the world of gaming. While there, she took a fence at her name badge, and that’s funny because not only is the attached promotional image entirely appropriate to the game it’s advertising, but the character’s back-story in the series is actually something that should resonate with Sarkeesian’s agenda – assuming said agenda is legitimate, and she has even the slightest ounce of integrity and credibility. And I’m not going to bother talking about how she…

David Tredinnick is a Jackass

homeopathy is shit

Seriously. Massive jackass. The cunt doesn’t deserve oxygen, let alone any sort of actual power over the lives and medical treatment of others. tl;dr of Tredinnick’s views: I want you fine NHS employees to “determine what works for what conditions and provide those treatments for patients” without any proof of what any given treatment actually does. You mustn’t forget that “we live in a real-world where real world patient experience and outcomes must play a part” except for when those no-evidence alternative treatments don’t work, or do work but also cause other injuries/illnesses – I think we can all agree such “experiences and outcomes” are outliers and can be discarded from…

Equality, Discrimination, and Society’s Misunderstandings

Inequality and Stuff

Disclaimer I’m expecting this to be a controversial post that a lot of people will knee-jerk deny and be “triggered” by, but it’s the conclusion I’ve come to after taking in everything I’ve seen, read, heard, and researched in regards to the topics of equality and discrimination. Obviously, these are just my opinions. They in no way reflect the views of or are endorsed by any organisations I am affiliated with. Now, if you’re going to give this post a chance and think properly about what I say in it then I welcome you, but if you’re just going to focus on the negative light this post can undoubtedly be…

Fuckerberg’s Shitheads Strike Again!

Well, fuck. Looks like I haven’t posted on here for longer than I thought. Sorry about that. Anywho, time for a rant! Yay!   So instead of loading the subsequent posts and sticking them onto the page, Facebook​ seem to think it’s a better idea to completely reload the page if you’re away from the News Feed for more than a few minutes. So if you just left the page to read a news article and then come back expecting to be able to continue scrolling down as you had been – fuck you. If you went to get a shower after a quick flick down and then return to continue…

Preventing Terror or Policing Dissent?

A guy I know thought it was ridiculous how I was so against the government demanding backdoors to chat logs of encrypted services like WhatsApp and iMessage, all for the apparent sake of identifying, monitoring, and cracking down on terrorists. One of my points at the time was how, while the government may well use it solely for that at first, they will never abandon that power once they have it, and any number of new laws could be put into action in the future which take advantage of it in ways it was [supposedly] never intended to be used. Honestly, I was saying that kind of thing with the…

Thanks again, Facebook

Thanks, Facebook, I really love how a new video instantly plays as soon as the one I was watching finishes. The increased challenge of liking, commenting on, and sharing content is thoroughly enjoyable and – lets face it – most people probably need as much extra mental stimulation as they can get. </sarcasm> If I was running a Page that posted videos, I’d hate you for this. Sure, my reach might benefit but I’d be surprised if interaction rates didn’t take a hit for it. I’d want my fans to see my content, and then interact with it – not be whisked away to God knows what! Could you even…

The Evil of Science

Science vs. Scientists

Where Christianity says to hate the sin rather than the sinner, with science the burden of responsibility is reversed. It’s all down to how we chose to implement it.

Tiny House!

This is great. Unlike most tiny houses, this doesn’t look like a glorified caravan or American trailer home! As far as physical space goes, this is pretty much perfect for me. So long as there’s water, electric and decent Internet I could live very happily in something like this.

The next season of Big Brother will feature all citizens of Britain

Absolute Wanker

I am immensely displeased right now. If the Conservatives aren’t elected until the day humanity goes extinct, it will still be too soon. His Majesty, our Supreme Overlord David Cameron, is taking an event that has spawned unity across Western nations for the ideals of freedom of speech and opinion, and is twisting it into an excuse to monitor and spy on us. This is absolutely disgusting. 1984 might have been a long time ago, but it’s looking closer than ever right now.