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Why isn’t Iceland in the news more?

Viva La Revolución!

Iceland, one of the first and hardest hit by the global financial crisis, hardly ever appears in mainstream news like the BBC anymore. When the crisis was still in full swing it was practically the goto nation for disaster stories, eventually replaced by Greece and stories of Germany’s strength. But what became of them? I vaguely remember reports of riots, their cries for revolution, and the fact they openly condemned their bankers more than any other country, but since then only silence. According to several articles I’ve read, such as the one linked above, they refused the stringent and near-crippling decrees of the IMF and international demand. Instead, they opted…

Anyone up for a phishing trip?

"2 lost messages was restored."

So I just saw this in my Gmail, and I’m frankly amazed. Do people actually fall for that kind of bullshit? Seriously? Let’s break this down into each “warning sign,” in order of most to least obvious, so you know what to look out for in the future. 1. The Sender’s Address First thing you should look at is the sender’s email address. Sure, this says it’s from “GmailSupport” but would they spell that without a space between the words? Would the actual address be something like that? No. This can change from source to source – some companies may well not have a space between their brand name and…

BREAKING NEWS: Russell Brand Talks Funny!

First of all, go read this absolutely excellent piece of journalism that I came across earlier: It’s somewhat necessary for the rest of my post. Done? Good. Continue.   Okay, so the guy isn’t a political genius. We know that. He knows that – he’s said it in almost every interview I’ve watched about his “revolution.”So can we stop focusing on that non-issue and start focusing on the fact that his reasons for being miffed with current politics are actually genuine and reflected in the minds of a lot of people?Like how all parties disregard or invert a bunch of their pre-election promises. Like how we only have a say…

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu!

That one line is pretty much the entire show.

They actually made a show about how having twintails can give you super powers. The main character is a guy who you could quite literally bribe into doing anything for pictures of cute girls with twintails, and would definitely become a slave to pretty much anyone who would let him play with their twintails. He saves girls with twintails from having their love of twintails, or “twintail attribute,” stolen by an alien race who seem to want to use it as some kind of power source for something. How does he save them? This is a picture of him. He transforms into a young girl with massive twintails wearing armour…

Why Labour’s attack on government science policy is misplaced | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

4 Characters Too Long

“You have a computer with giga-bytes (1 billion bytes) of disk space and mega-bytes (1 million bytes) of memory — well, maybe it’s the future and you have giga-bytes of memory and tera-bytes (1 trillion bytes) of disk space.”

My Mission for Next Week Involves Time Machines

All You Need Is Kill

“For Madokami so loved the world that She gave us Her Only Self, that whoever believes in Her shall not despair but have everlasting Hope.” –Homu 3:16

The Power Vested In You By Marketing Teams

If you do a search for a thing you want on Google, make sure you click on the normal link for the website you get it from and the advert links for their competitors. Advert links in Google’s search results are pay-per-click. Depending on the keywords chosen for a particular advert (that line up with the search you’ve done) those competitors could pay anywhere from a couple of pence to several pounds each time someone clicks on their advert. Some keywords are even worth several tens of dollars (USD, obviously) per click! If you click an advert but then DON’T get the thing from them, they’ll be paying out for…

Anime, Manga and Japan’s Efforts to Curb Piracy

As you may know, the Japanese government recently released a  list of nearly 600 pirate sites that are going after. Simultaneously, they are launching a new network- and production-independent site for legally providing anime and manga to the rest of the world. This will add the slowly-increasing count of legal sites like Crunchyroll and Daisuki, as well as the likes of Hulu and Netflix who have some anime content. The way I, myself, got into anime originally is without a doubt staying up late as a child to watch Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star back when we had Sky TV. But such legal offerings are still few…

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