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An Open Letter from Apple on Encryption & Government Overreach

Apple deserve lots of cookies for this. Not only refusing an FBI order to purposefully undermine iOS encryption and actively seek to help hackers, they have revealed it to the public and given a call-to-arms even the least tech-savvy among us should understand. To read it just keep scrolling as I have decided to host a copy, which I am happy to remove if Apple want me to, or you can go read it directly on the Apple website, or check it out on the Wayback Machine.   A Message to Our Customers The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of…

Review: Koding

Standard Koding layout.

First of the two posts I mentioned last time: a review of Koding, the cloud service + Chrome app. What is it? The short answer is that it’s an IDE. But that really doesn’t do this thing justice at all. You can’t actually do anything offline, really, besides fiddle with some very basic settings. That’s because you don’t work on files locally, you spin up a VM (hosted on Amazon) and the IDE connects directly to it for file editing, terminal, etc. All VMs also come with a public URL for you to plug into any browser to run your app if it has a web interface. Who is it for?…

[FOR SALE] 1st Gen 3DS w/ charger + 16GB SD card

  • £60 collection, will post if you cover the fees
  • Cosmos Black 3DS
    • Slight crack on one corner, barely visible & can’t feel it
  • Official Nintendo charger, from original purchase
  • Official Nintendo charging dock, from original purchase
  • 16GB SDHC card, SanDisk Class 4
  • Add £10 for two games
    • Heroes of Ruin (3DS)
    • Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)
    • no cases, cartridges only
  • Best way to contact me would be a Twitter DM
    • Or Facebook Chat if you know me on there
3DS, dock and SD card

3DS, dock and SD card

official nintendo charger

official nintendo charger

Heroes of Ruin & Prof. Layton's Curious Village

Heroes of Ruin & Prof. Layton’s Curious Village

3DS slight crack

3DS slight crack

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

After a tense morning of watching Roger (my DPD delivery driver) not move or progress from his first delivery on the tracking page map, this gloriousness arrived a little after half 2 yesterday afternoon. It came with a free charger, too, as a pre-order bonus seeing as the consoles don’t come with one any more. Needless to say I was excited to get playing but, alas, I was at work and so decided to settle for letting the data transfer do its thing, ready for some serious Monster Hunting after work. My old 3DS has a 16GB SD card and the 3DS Advance (“new Nintendo 3DS” is a stupid name and I…

Thanks again, Facebook

Thanks, Facebook, I really love how a new video instantly plays as soon as the one I was watching finishes. The increased challenge of liking, commenting on, and sharing content is thoroughly enjoyable and – lets face it – most people probably need as much extra mental stimulation as they can get. </sarcasm> If I was running a Page that posted videos, I’d hate you for this. Sure, my reach might benefit but I’d be surprised if interaction rates didn’t take a hit for it. I’d want my fans to see my content, and then interact with it – not be whisked away to God knows what! Could you even…

Hack Your JavaScript Code in Chrome!

Two things to cover quickly in this one. Firstly, I made a darker theme for Dev Tools. By “made” I mean I cobbled together a bunch of stuff other people already did, and used someone else’s instructions to port it to the format Chrome requires it to be in. Hurray for me! Check the repo for a screenshot – or look at the image at the bottom of this post – and if you’re happy with that theme you can grab it from the Chrome Web Store to get updates and stuff automatically. If you want to tweak or replace the colours you’ll need to either clone the repo or grab…

The Evil of Science

Science vs. Scientists

Where Christianity says to hate the sin rather than the sinner, with science the burden of responsibility is reversed. It’s all down to how we chose to implement it.

pro tip: folder icons in Windows on portable storage

In Windows you can set a custom image for folder icons. This is pretty cool, as it can help you to quickly and easily identify folders without reading the list of names. However, the way Windows stores information about which image file to use as the icon is by writing a hidden file called desktop.ini in the folder in question. Inside this file is a line that identifies the path to the image file, but by default it is an absolute path which includes the drive letter. Thus, if you put an image inside a folder on your USB stick or portable hard drive, and set it as the folder’s…

Anyone up for a phishing trip?

"2 lost messages was restored."

So I just saw this in my Gmail, and I’m frankly amazed. Do people actually fall for that kind of bullshit? Seriously? Let’s break this down into each “warning sign,” in order of most to least obvious, so you know what to look out for in the future. 1. The Sender’s Address First thing you should look at is the sender’s email address. Sure, this says it’s from “GmailSupport” but would they spell that without a space between the words? Would the actual address be something like that? No. This can change from source to source – some companies may well not have a space between their brand name and…

Want to go straight to the latest episode of a show on iPlayer? Here’s how!

One thing that always annoyed me about iPlayer is that the shows don’t have a “home page” as such: a page dedicated to that show which lists all its available episodes under a constant URL you can bookmark. Well, since the redesign they actually have TWO alternatives you can bookmark! Direct to Latest Episode:  find the series you’re interested in on the A-Z Programme List right-click > copy the link address this should give you something like: that’s the one for Doctor Who, by the way bookmark the page you’re on, edit the bookmark to point to the address you copied! List of Available Episodes: follow the same steps as above…