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Why isn’t Iceland in the news more?

Viva La Revolución!

Iceland, one of the first and hardest hit by the global financial crisis, hardly ever appears in mainstream news like the BBC anymore. When the crisis was still in full swing it was practically the goto nation for disaster stories, eventually replaced by Greece and stories of Germany’s strength. But what became of them? I vaguely remember reports of riots, their cries for revolution, and the fact they openly condemned their bankers more than any other country, but since then only silence. According to several articles I’ve read, such as the one linked above, they refused the stringent and near-crippling decrees of the IMF and international demand. Instead, they opted…

Want to go straight to the latest episode of a show on iPlayer? Here’s how!

One thing that always annoyed me about iPlayer is that the shows don’t have a “home page” as such: a page dedicated to that show which lists all its available episodes under a constant URL you can bookmark. Well, since the redesign they actually have TWO alternatives you can bookmark! Direct to Latest Episode:  find the series you’re interested in on the A-Z Programme List right-click > copy the link address this should give you something like: that’s the one for Doctor Who, by the way bookmark the page you’re on, edit the bookmark to point to the address you copied! List of Available Episodes: follow the same steps as above…

Kotaku’s The Five Anime of Summer 2014 You Should Be Watching

As usual, Kotaku East have posted about what they perceive to be the best of this season’s anime. Have to say, it’s a tough job to pick just 5 shows this season, there are several really good ones this time around. I think I’d have picked just about the same as Richard, except I’d have put Akame ga Kill in place of Tokyo Ghoul and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun in place of SAO II. Tokyo Ghoul vs. Akame ga Kill: I’ve been keeping up to date on the manga for Tokyo Ghoul, but not for Akame ga Kill, which is probably the cause of this difference of opinion. You see, at…

Quiz Time!

Either I’ve become impervious to antimatter explosions, or we’re still dreaming.

1 point for each of these answers:
– name of show
– name of character

2 points for each of these answers:
– season the episode is from
– name of the episode

4 points for each of these answers:
– number of the episode within the season
– number of the episode out of all episodes

The winner gets a gold star! Obviously, this is not an open-book test. Answer from your memory, people!