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Preventing Terror or Policing Dissent?

A guy I know thought it was ridiculous how I was so against the government demanding backdoors to chat logs of encrypted services like WhatsApp and iMessage, all for the apparent sake of identifying, monitoring, and cracking down on terrorists. One of my points at the time was how, while the government may well use it solely for that at first, they will never abandon that power once they have it, and any number of new laws could be put into action in the future which take advantage of it in ways it was [supposedly] never intended to be used. Honestly, I was saying that kind of thing with the…

The next season of Big Brother will feature all citizens of Britain

Absolute Wanker

I am immensely displeased right now. If the Conservatives aren’t elected until the day humanity goes extinct, it will still be too soon. His Majesty, our Supreme Overlord David Cameron, is taking an event that has spawned unity across Western nations for the ideals of freedom of speech and opinion, and is twisting it into an excuse to monitor and spy on us. This is absolutely disgusting. 1984 might have been a long time ago, but it’s looking closer than ever right now.