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More On The Thing I Recently Found Out About PHP And Think Is Ridiculous

If you a) haven’t read the precursor to this post, and/or b) don’t know about OO property visibility, you should start off by reading this piece of literary genius. Following on from my last post, it turns out that even after making a magical function to expose inaccessible properties of an object the empty() function will still return false. Even if isset() is returning true for you in the code, it apparently returns false when empty() calls it unless you have the magical __isset() in your class – even with the magical __get() already there. All of the sense has been made. Not.

Persona 4: The Golden Animation

Woah woah woah what is this shit?! MAL says “The story retells the events of the original…” But Daisuki says “The gang is back after 3 years… What lies in store for Yu Narukami and his friends this time around?” So which is correct?! IS IT A REMAKE OR A SEQUEL?! TELL ME!!!! I mean, I’m gonna watch regardless, because it’s awesome. It’d just be nice to know.¬†Anyway, here’s Chie.