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The Joy of Installing CyanogenMod 10.2.1

So I’ve been on CM10.1.3 on my Nexus 4 for a while now, and I love it. But I fancied a change, and what better change than seeing what Android 4.3 has to offer? Of course, I need all my customisations and tweaks only possible with root + CM rather than stock. So, after doing a NANDroid and moving that to my PC, off I went to NRT to flash stock + unroot as it’s a sure-fire way to completely wipe the device and give a clean slate for a fresh install of 10.2.1. Why didn’t I just update from 10.1.3? For fun. That’s why. And it really has been…


Finally managed to get the NANDroid off my Nexus 4, now to download the latest CyanogenMod over my parents’ unreasonably slow Internet connection, then I can wipe and do a clean install – probably in the morning. Think I’ll switch to TWRP in the process, getting CWMR backups off this phone is a nightmare since they made CWMR “more secure.” Gonna switch to Koush’s Superuser from ChainFire’s SuperSU as well. Then I’ll finally be on Android 4.3! Yay! Might treat myself to that LG smartwatch that runs Android Wear in a few months, instead of a Pebble.