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Equality, Discrimination, and Society’s Misunderstandings

Inequality and Stuff

Disclaimer I’m expecting this to be a controversial post that a lot of people will knee-jerk deny and be “triggered” by, but it’s the conclusion I’ve come to after taking in everything I’ve seen, read, heard, and researched in regards to the topics of equality and discrimination. Obviously, these are just my opinions. They in no way reflect the views of or are endorsed by any organisations I am affiliated with. Now, if you’re going to give this post a chance and think properly about what I say in it then I welcome you, but if you’re just going to focus on the negative light this post can undoubtedly be…

Gender non-Equality

See, like, I do understand and agree with gender equality. What I don’t get is the constant “there aren’t enough females in X job” and “Y event had almost no female presenters” or even “sources hope that Z will encourage more female participation.” I mean, that’s not gender equality. That is a clear bias in favour of females. Gender equality would be removing anything – policies, opinions, superstitions – that prevent female participation and then letting them decide for themselves if they want to do it. Wouldn’t it?