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Bash actually makes zero sense but I just can’t hate it

WARNING: if you know nothing about – and/or aren’t interested in – Linux shell, Git, or programming this will probably be a very boring and nonsensical read for you.

Developments Of My Developments

I’ve got a few things to cover in this post, all relating to developing web thingies, that I’ve come to realise in the past few weeks. 1. Codeivate I recently discovered a service called Codeivate which basically has a bunch of plugins for popular editors/IDEs which track your activity and report the details back to their system. This lets you see the types of files you work on and how long you spend typing at once,  which can give you some pretty great insights into your focus levels and typical workflow. It also awards you EXP against each file type which level up, and contributes to your overall level – so you feel an…

git log in style!

Ever taken a look at the commit history of your current Git branch and wanted to vomit when confronted with the bland, unintuitive output you’re presented with? Well, no more! Thanks to <a title=”git log is *so* 2005 | FredKSchott” href=”http://fredkschott.com/post/2014/02/git-log-is-so-2005/”>this awesome alias</a>, you can now view your commit history in glorious colour along with a graphical merge trace!