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Anita Sarkeesian Somehow Attends E3, Attacks The Wrong Character

E3, Anita, & Rise

So somehow the hypocritical, donation-bait, lying, backstabbing feminazi Anita Sarkeesian got herself invited to E3, possibly the biggest gaming convention in the world, despite being a poisonous, destructive, hateful bundle of double-standards and self-imposed privilege in the world of gaming. While there, she took a fence at her name badge, and that’s funny because not only is the attached promotional image entirely appropriate to the game it’s advertising, but the character’s back-story in the series is actually something that should resonate with Sarkeesian’s agenda – assuming said agenda is legitimate, and she has even the slightest ounce of integrity and credibility. And I’m not going to bother talking about how she…

Gender non-Equality

See, like, I do understand and agree with gender equality. What I don’t get is the constant “there aren’t enough females in X job” and “Y event had almost no female presenters” or even “sources hope that Z will encourage more female participation.” I mean, that’s not gender equality. That is a clear bias in favour of females. Gender equality would be removing anything – policies, opinions, superstitions – that prevent female participation and then letting them decide for themselves if they want to do it. Wouldn’t it?