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Books Are Good

Those of you who know me personally should know that I love reading fiction, especially crime/mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy/magic. I am a firm believer that reading, both fiction and non-fiction alike, is entirely necessary for everyone. It encourages imagination, creativity, grammar and spelling, critical thinking, and increases knowledge – all of which is essential for growing children to be the best they can be. Not to mention sitting down with a proper book for a few hours is an ideal way to relax, and in this digital age where children are having touch-screen smartphones as their first mobile before they’re even teenagers and toddlers are playing with their parents’ tablets…

My Mission for Next Week Involves Time Machines

All You Need Is Kill

“For Madokami so loved the world that She gave us Her Only Self, that whoever believes in Her shall not despair but have everlasting Hope.” –Homu 3:16